Semalt Expert: The Importance Of Personal SEO For Career Success

SEO works not only for corporate entities but also for individuals. Traditionally, search engine optimization focuses on making a web page rank and appear in search engine results based on relevant terms. Personal SEO similarly narrows down to a person's name. In today's digitized economy, there's an increasing need for creating a personal online visibility and maintaining a favorable public image on professional and social online platforms.

According to Google metrics, the search engine processed about 2 trillion searches in the year 2016 alone. While we can't calculate what percentage went to personal research, it's widely accepted fact that there must be positive content about you on search engine results. This favorable content should reflect both professional sites like LinkedIn and also social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The leading expert of Semalt Digital Services, Ivan Konovalov, reveals some secrets of successful personal SEO.


Keywords serve as the foundation for SEO. In personal SEO, your name is your default keywords. Recruiters out there rely on Google searches in conducting background searches on potential employees.

Therefore, if you seek personal visibility online, you need first to create an online identity complete with the official or unique name you want to use online. This name becomes your keyword and must be used consistently on all online platforms and protected at all times. Such consistency allows searchers to identify you across all possible search results especially against similar search results. It also gives the person credibility making it easier for others to contact and connect with them online.

Some job applicants, for instance, simplify the recruiter's background research work by attacking their online addresses for websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. This ensures their accounts are easily identifiable and accessible. A recruiting firm need not spend lots of time on background searches, the easier it is to access your online persona the better. Consequently, they must find some content about you, empty results lead to negative assumptions.

Monitoring Own Online Reputation

Take the initiative to monitor your online reputation throughout the year periodically. This way you can keep track of what people say about you or what kind of activity is associated with you. This is a defensive mechanism designed to keep you in control. If you find undesirable content about you online, you can take measures to design personal SEO content that reflects your professional and social ambitions and accomplishments. This way you're always ahead of potential searchers seeking a background survey of your persona.


Personal SEO is a prerequisite for the 21-st century professional. The secret lies in the consistent use of the name keyword and monitoring own reputation online while producing quality content about yourself. Stay ahead of all potential background searches about you.